Skills For Maintenance The Dresses

Marriage is a beautiful dream once in a lifetime for a woman. Having their own wedding dress is the happiest thing. But how to "dispose" them after the wedding is over. Even according to the traditional custom, we put them in the bottom of cabinet and leave them to the next generation. Many years later, Will she remains "as beautiful as new"? Here we come to discuss: wedding dress maintenance knowledge.


When you purchase the wedding dress, don't forget to inquire the follow question: what's the texture of the dress? How about the accessories, such as the beads, rhinestones? If we figure out the material of the dress, we will know how to maintain them, and what details we should pay more attention during maintenance. What's more, we should inquire the method of emergency treatment. For example, if some wine or champagne is spilt to the dress, we should fill a towel under the dress, then scrub it up by white vinegar!


Warm water cleaning the dress should be washed as soon as possible after we wear it. It is difficult to clean it up if residence time of the besmirch is long.In due time, the stain will be aging, faded, resulting in the degradation and wear of the dress fabric. the stain of food will cause fading and attract small insects, the sugar from beverage will turn brown when it dried, it is difficult to remove. The best way is to put the dress into the mix a moderate, neutral detergent water, soak for a while, which can be washed off the stains of the dinner wine, lard. Soak it further, even the invisible stains such as perspiration, liquor stains can be removed. Do not use the washing machine and dehydration; otherwise the shedding of ornaments will be missed.


The cleaned dress should be aired thoroughly, and do not exposure to the sun. Otherwise the dress will become brittle after exposure. The skirt, beads, decorative flowers will come off easily. Turn the lining out, to avoid direct sun heat the surface of clothes. Sun exposure will cause different degrees of damage; Better not to hang drying, it would make the dress deformation. After the dress is washed, dried thoroughly, it can be stored up, and stored in a cool dry place, such as a closet or under the bed. Remember, not to hang up the dress. sometime, after a long period of hanging, the weight of the dress will produce vertical force, the dress will be elongated or even torn.


Dress needed be stored in a cool, dry place, such as a closet. The worst place is the attic or basement. The former place will make a dress result in heated fade, the latter place will lead to mildew. Do not hung stored. Over time, the vertical force will elongate the dress or even tear it. The big hoop within the dress can be reversed up. But the big hoop should be gotten back to the shape when dry the garments annually, so as not to lose elasticity. One last issue to be mentioned. When collect dress, you must wash your hands, get rid of cosmetics, otherwise there will be a small yellow spot on the dress. Happy shopping!

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