How To Select The Ideal Designer Bridesmaid Dresses

Trying to select an ideal designer bridesmaid dress in a style and color that flatters all of your best friends may make you want to flee the scene but making this important decision doesn't have to be painful. The first important decision to make in the hunt for perfect bridesmaid dresses is whether you want all of your bridesmaids in the same dress or if you want them to pick their own complementary, of course dress style.


Grey Sheath Floor Length Chiffon Floor Length Bridesmaid Dresses

The dresses above show how contrasting dress styles can work for your bridesmaids. All of these dresses are different but they work together seamlessly. Allowing your bridesmaids to select their own dress style allows each of your friends to be comfortable. Selecting this option may be a good idea if your bridesmaids are various sizes. Just make sure all of the chosen styles are in keeping with the vibe of your wedding, whatever that may be. Keeping the same color and length for the dresses is also important for cohesion.


Sweetheart Short And Long Taffeta Ruching Bridesmaid Gowns

Of course, the more traditional route is for all your designer bridesmaid dresses all match. They can be girly, vintage, short, floor-length anything your heart desires! One of our brides, Paige, choose to go with these coral, empire waist, short dresses for her maids. All the girls looked great and the bright, short dresses brought a vibrant feel to this summer wedding.


A Line Sweetheart Knee Length Red Organza Ruching Bridesmaid Dress

So how do you figure out what kind of dress you should select for your favorite ladies? Here are a few important things to keep in mind: Empire waists are a good starting point as they flatter pretty much any body type. Strapless are great but remember that your busty friends may need more support. Be conscious of your bridesmaids' skin tones and choose an appropriate color. Rich colors like royal purple and emerald green tend to flatter all skin tones while pastels compliment darker tones. If your maids are fair skinned, you may want to opt for colors that are towards the dark end of the spectrum to avoid looking washed out.


Poly Chiffon Taffeta Bridesmaid Dress

Value your friends' opinions when selecting their dresses. If you take their feelings into account, everyone will be happier and it will show in the photos. That being said, don't let them plow over your feelings remember, it's your big day. Balance, people, balance.Whether you decide to have all your designer bridesmaid dresses the same dress or allow them to choose their own style, sit a spell and take a breath. Your wedding day will be fabulous not matter what your gals are wearing.

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