Cool Couture For Winter Brides

When you say the words "winter wedding" in this country, people are more inclined to think of dirty hems, cold shoulders and sodden guests than they are a romantic, clear night under the stars with mulled wine and photos taken against a snowy backdrop.But done well, a winter wedding can be breathtaking. Not only is there some stunning scenery in many parts of the country, but there is the added bonus that you are far more likely to get any spot you choose all to yourselves.

Stuuning Winter Wedding Dresses 2012

Clear, still winter days are gorgeous but even if the weather doesn't turn it on for you, wind and rain can combine to create amazing photos. Some of the best wedding photos I've seen had the bride and her attendants in bright pink gum boots.But you won't do yourselves any favors by pretending it's a summer wedding. Unless your entire ceremony, photos and reception will happen in one centrally heated venue, you'll need a dress that reflects the temperature. Fortunately, Kate Middleton set the perfect example with her long-sleeved, lace gown. Even in warmer climes, brides are adopting her long-sleeved elegance and it is a great look.


You don't have to be marrying into royalty yourself to be a winter wedding princess. If you're not convinced by the long-sleeved idea, look for dresses with matching jackets or boleros, or find a cute faux fur stole in a co-iodinating color. Accessories are an excellent way to add color to awinter wedding gown. Even newly engaged Keira Knightley's trick of a ballet cardigan worn over a huge, full-skirted gown can work really well.


Take the winter wedding theme indoors, with a warm drink on arrival at the reception or a potent hot chocolate served up with the cake. A warming soup course is another great winter idea. Make the weather a feature. If it's pouring with rain outside, soft lighting and luxurious fabrics will add to a warm, snuggly winter feel. It gets darker much earlier in winter, so make the most of it with magical trails of fairy lights.


And if you needed any further motivation the groom will thank you for choosing for a winter ceremony. There aren't many weddings in a year where the men in suits are dressed appropriately for the weather. Consider these when select a best winter wedding dress will be much easier.

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